Posted by: heartsleeve | June 21, 2007

First Date

My name is Katie, and I’m a 22-year-old grad student at the University of Texas. I have lived my entire life in the state of Texas, although I soon hope to change that. Today, I bought the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die and it is my goal, over the course of a lifetime, to complete everything in the book. I already went through and marked all the places I have been, so I only have 990 places or so to go.

I really like books. I love book stores and libraries. I love just touching books, reading their covers, flipping through their pages. For most of my childhood, books were my way of going to all the places and seeing all the things that I could not. I grew up in a very small town in Northeast Texas, so escape was often necessary. Today, when I walk into a book store, I want to take home everything. I think someday I’d like to own a book store.

I also really like movies. I mean, after all, I devoted five years of my academic life solely to them. I’m not really sure why I went to grad school, and for most of the experience, I absolutely hated it. But oddly, somehow coming out on the other end not only unscathed but also more accomplished (try cranking out a 115-page thesis in a little over a month) leads me to believe that it was probably worth it. We’ll see how beneficial it is in the long run, but already, I’m starting to think it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

It’s funny how you can never really tell the difference between good decisions and big mistakes until after the fact.



  1. haha. i did exactly the same thing when i got that book a couple years ago. also, when i was little, i used to sleep with books under my pillow :p i was a dork… er, am a dork.

    i’m really really glad that your glad you went to grad school. it’ll help me hang on for the next couple years.

    also, i love this layout. it rocks.

  2. I love the layout, too. It’s gorgeous!

    And…it really was the right decision to make. Going to grad school. I hated it, but it was incredibly worthwhile.

  3. I second (third?) the layout comment…looks great. 🙂

    Also: hindsight’s 20-20…and I’m glad that you feel you made the right decision 🙂

  4. Hey, I came across your blog via your comment on danah boyd’s blog. Did you do an MA in RTF? I’ve been in the RTF department way too long. 🙂

  5. Yes! I’m actually still doing an MA in RTF. 😉 Are you still hanging out, too?

  6. Yeah, I’m a PhD student who came here as an MA student. As of May, I’m taking time off and working at an educational animation place, which is a *nice* change.

  7. I am so completely jealous. This summer *should* be my last semester. We’ll see how that goes though. =P

    Just out of curiosity, have I had a class with you or anything?

  8. Assuming your real name is Katie Fields, I don’t think so. I looked you up on Facebook, and you don’t look familiar, but I’m sure we know people in common. I’m 31, so I’m like a decade older than you. 😛

  9. Haha, it seems like pretty much everyone in our department is a decade older than I am. =P Did you TA for Marslett?

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