Posted by: heartsleeve | July 28, 2008

Andrea Mitchell calls out McCain for false advertising.

“As someone supporting John McCain, I’ve got to ask you about this new McCain ad. The McCain ad says, literally, that [Obama] could’ve gone, you know, that he did other things, Obama did other things, he could’ve visited the troops, but not with cameras. Now that literally is not true… Now, the point is, Obama had no intention of bringing any cameras with him. I was there. I can vouch for that. So why put up an ad that says that’s the reason he didn’t visit the troops? […] Well, he wasn’t planning to bring an entourage, and he certainly visited the soldiers only four or five days earlier when he was in Iraq and visited them in Walter Reed, again, without any notice and without any entourage. So it just seems inexplicable that this whole thing has become such an issue, but clearly the McCain campaign wants this to be an issue.”

– Andrea Mitchell



  1. I’m disappointed in McCain’s new “Crooked Talk Express” particularly wit his ad about blaming Obama for high gas prices and his changed position on off-Shore drilling. Any Oil Analyst will tell you we won’t get a drip of oil for 10 years if the ban was lifted tomorrow. I guess he’s hoping the majority of Americans don’t know this.

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