My name is Katie. I love to travel, and I take pictures of just about anything when I’m on the road. I like to find interesting quotes about travel, happiness, and the self. I like to blog and read blogs. I love web design, although I don’t really mess with coming up with my own layouts for my blogs. My favorite painter is Chagall, because his paintings often depict life the way I’d like it most to be — warm, colorful, and peaceful/filled with love. I believe in things like love at first sight. I have a master’s degree in the most useless subject ever. I hate it when my text messages and phone calls, much like my affections, are not returned. I hate packing, cleaning, and doing laundry. I have a lot of opinions. I also have a lot of blogs, a lot of costume jewelry that I never wear, and a lot (a lot) of books. And chances are if it’s on my book shelf, I’ve read it at least twice. Someday I want to own my own book store. And be a pilot. And a stunt car driver. And a mom. And a college professor. And a writer. And a lot of other things, really.


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